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Nancy is very passionate and committed to promoting women’s socio-economic advancement with track record in AfCFTA, private sector development, Gender issues, non-profit management, innovative and entrepreneurship management, skills in building and strengthening business membership organizations’, networks and partnerships with focused strategies that leverage impact. She has worked in various women Organizations including The EAC Regional Institution for women – East African Women in Business Platform (EAWiBP), AWEP – Kenya Chapter and FEWA as a CEO among others. She has done various consultancies for different organizations regionally and at national level, strengthening the capacity of their members in entrepreneurship development. She has vast experience in Institutional Management, a champion in strategic leadership, financial and risk management, team and performance management, strategic management, resource mobilization, and donor funded project management at national, regional and Pan-African level. She has a wealth of experience in stakeholder engagement, mobilization, alliance formation, facilitation of collaborative processes and fundraising at national, EAC regional and Panafric level. A founder CEO of AWEP Kenya Chapter, a position she held from 2012 to 2016.

Nancy has the following experience:
• Over 15 years’ technical expertise and practical experience in donor funded project management, value chain development, gender and trade, regional integration for women cross border traders, private sector growth and development, business management, institutional management, policy advocacy and capacity building of Women SMEs and WEAs, as well as stakeholder engagement.
• Over 7 years Stakeholder Engagement experience: In-depth practical experience in stakeholder engagements in promoting trade and gender inclusive development to key stakeholders including government, policy makers, donors, private sector and CSOs.
• Over 12 years’ practical experience supporting various aspects of regional integration matters of women enterprises readiness to export, cross border trade, women inclusion in AfCFTA, including having direct engagements and dialogue with various AUC and EAC policy makers as well as EAC private sector
• Over 14 years’ professional experience in Donor Funded Project Management and Strategic development of women’s economic empowerment, gender diversity and inclusion in trade, at the EAC level, across COMESA for various development partners
• Over 14 years’ practical experience supporting various aspects to Strengthen institutional capacity of women Platforms/Federations, Women associations and women in business in EAC for women’s and gender advancement and inclusion in trade.
• In-depth understanding of operations and management of organizations having managed Leonard Cheshire, EAWiBP, AWEP-Kenya and FEWA
• Over 12 years practical training in Entrepreneurial skills development.

She holds a Master’s degree in Business Management and Administration from Africa Nazarene University (Ke) and a Bachelors of Business Administration Degree from KeMu (Ke), HNDiploma in Entrepreneurship Development (KIBT- Ke), Diploma in Private Sector Development (Sweden), Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from MASHARV, Haifa, Israel, and a Certificate in Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) from Nazarene University (Ke). A trained and certified expert by UNCTAD as a trade and gender expert for COMESA and EAC in Africa, trained expert in SMEs Entrepreneurship and Innovation by MASHAF institute, Haifa, Israel. She is an Associate trained and Certified Business Development Consultant by International Trade Centre (ITC) on WEAs and policy advocacy, certified by ITC/ILO/MESPT on value chain & Market Development, trained and certified by BDI on Associations strategic management and fundraising.

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