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About AWEP

The African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP) seeks to equip African businesswomen and SME's, youth with the tools and opportunities to accelerate the growth of their businesses, become leaders in their communities and drive social and economic progress in Africa.


Empowered Women who are champions of economic and social progress within their communities.

The Target

1 million African women and SME's entrepreneurs, youth to promote business growth and connect them to trade/markets.

What we do

- Promote business growth
- Increase trade
- Create better business environments
We believe what we achieve

About The Kenya Chapter

The AWEP Kenya chapter is one of the largest business support associations for Wsme’s and sme’s. Over the past years, the organization has grown in leaps and bounds including men in business as well. Today AWEP Kenya conducts training, engages in global business fairs, partners with other institutions to promote businesses run by women, men and young people. AWEP Kenya also has individual and corporate members across the country.

Through our activities, we hope to dismantle the obstacles to business opportunities and economic participation that African women face. We identify and build networks of women entrepreneurs across Kenya and beyond, poised to transform their societies by owning, running, and operating small and medium businesses, and by becoming voices for social advocacy in their communities.

Currently, AWEP Kenya Chapter works directly and indirectly with over 10,000 women in business, SMEs and cooperatives throughout Kenya.

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We believe what we achieve
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