Leadership Team


Kamaldeep Sandhu has been running a hair salon since 2002. Prior to that, she had worked in the Human Resource department of PricewaterhouseCoopers. She was motivated to set up her own salon business by the refusal of existing hairdressers to style her daughter’s hair because the small girl would cry a great deal.

Today, Styles of Tomorrow operates in a maisonette in Nairobi’s Upper Hill District, offering a family service to high spending patrons. Today, Kamaldeep’s team totals over twenty staff members, both men and women.The success of Styles of Tomorrow inspired Kamaldeep to greater heights. In 2012 she opened Malkia Interiors & Gifts in Nakuru, targeting tourists, NGO staffers and anyone else seeking unusual gifts for weddings and other special occasions.

Kamaldeep works with craftsmen and women to produce high quality gift items and also with different women and men groups which helps lift these women and men into a place where their efforts cannot go astray and unaccomplished. She has a very strong belief that as she empowers as many people as she can, they may go out and reach out to many other woman who are illiterate and lack this knowledge to influence their saving and investments skills in a language that can be well understood. This is social community networking in raising the economic standards of the women in society. Educating a woman is educating the society. She also works as a consultant for entrepreneurs who wish to venture into the salon business.

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