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What are the benefits of membership in AWEP Kenya chapter?

As a member, you become part of an international the social and economic networking community, which brings together entrepreneurs across different industries, countries, cultures, counties, to share views, information, advice that helps you climb the ladder of success.

Members will have the following opportunities:

Access to the U.S market: As a member, you will have opportunity to network with other women entrepreneurs, a chance to export to the US Market through AGOA and other global markets, join value chains and market linkages, have access to up to date information, training and skills development and explore innovative ways of promoting your business.

Networking events: Share ideas, information and other promotional information during the networking sessions. Get inspired by successful entrepreneurs or role models in business. Also find new avenues for business promotion through networking.
Training: Attend trainings delivered by experts in the industry to understand and overcome the barriers faced by you in your business.
Mentoring: Find access to mentors and expert advisors for opportunities of career progression.
Guide to start ups: Members will get step by step guidance in setting up new businesses.
Access to information: Get the latest updates and information about business.